We started in 1988 with 10 golf carts. And we’ve grown into the largest fleet in North America, thanks to a dedicated team committed to making the buying, renting and servicing experience easier for our customers.

In 2017, Mid Florida Golf Cars and Virginia Golf Cars joined forces to become National Carts. We then added the Golf Car Company from Columbus, Ohio to the team, giving us offices in Orlando, Jacksonville, Deland, Harrisonburg, and Columbus.

We are the preferred cart rental provider for events across the U.S., serving organizations large and small, including IMSA, UPS and ISC, the home of NASCAR. We are also an authorized dealer for EZ-GO, Yamaha, Cushman, Carryall, and Star.

As we evolve into the future, we do so firmly grounded in our family traditions. We’ll continue to take care of our customers by providing courteous, efficient service and growing our team of dedicated individuals with a passion for doing things the right way.


Company History


We started selling golf cars from my house in Lake Mary using liner adds to make extra money.


We rented a building behind the Lincoln Ford Dealership in a Business Park off of Ronald Reagan Boulevard. We had executed a contract with EZ-GO Textron to assist on all of the manufacturers recalls on most of their vehicles, while still maintaining a large sales and service customer base.


EZ-GO Textron gave us an opportunity to service and repair all of their fleet golf cars in North Florida. We also maintained the growing sales and service aspect of our business. The location was 2 blocks North of our previous location and proved to add to our ongoing success.


We had the opportunity to move into a building located in Longwood off of Hwy 17/92, now known as the Enterprise Car Rental Location. This location offered a much better storefront which gave us the opportunity to continue to grow and be successful in the Central Florida region. That same year, we had the opportunity to open a new location in Jacksonville, FL to reach and serve the North Florida region.


Our team successfully continued to lead in sales, service, and event rentals with highly functioning locations specifically placed around the state of Florida.


We made a move to open our Corporate Office. This gave us the opportunity to separate our sales and service divisions to focus on other projects and revenue growth. The location gave an opportunity to focus on the upcoming opportunities.


Mid Florida Golf Cars, “MFGC” became a dealer of the BIG three. Yamaha, Club Car, and as you already know, EZGO. We had previously worked with the later two dealers, but were given the opportunity to move forward and assist them from a manufacturer’s growth prospective.


Our team was given the opportunity to lease golf cars to the UPS. This was an excellent growth opportunity for us. We are proud to still be vendors for such a respected company and work together from logistics stand point with them as logistics are ever changing.


Mid Florida Golf Cars turned a new page. We decided to change our original logo to something more modern and recognizable. This gave us the ability to show our modern creativity within the market. Always striving to be a change maker within the ever-changing industry.


All aspects of the company were running smoothly. We had an opportunity to be involved in the low speed electric vehicle movement. This movement was and still is worldwide. MFGC started EVOLVE Motor Corp. Three vehicles were imported from South Korea, in which, our corporate team traveled there to meet with the manufacturers. There, they discussed and validated the need for LSV’s in the United States. We moved forward with the manufacturer and it posed to be an excellent marketing tool, as well as learning opportunity company wide. This one aspect of importation and creativity was a driving factor for communities within Central Florida to start the Low Speed Electric Vehicle Movement.


As an ever-changing company. We vamped it up again. Moved our core platform to a much more inventory recognition system for cost control and real time revenue recognition. MFGC also, acquired a Point of Sale System to use in the field for rental events which gave us the ability to provide our customers with a much faster service than previously rendered. The technology was an excellent breaking out point for our company to continue to realize real cost recognition and provide our customers with a much faster service.


The rental business is a largely successful part of our company, not only were we able to provide faster services in the field, we also were able to provide customers the ability to make online reservations for rental events. Our goal was to make every aspect of rental process painless and easy. Our team was still sales and service focused. With the new core system in place, it provided customers the true ideal of the value that our services held. Our staff continued to grow and provide a large amount of assistance to our customer base.


While still maintaining our status as one of the largest distributors within the Southeast Region, we decided, it would be beneficial to expand. MFGC purchased Virginia Golf Cars. This has proven to be a positive acquisition. We found that building upon our existing team has proven to be very successful. The collective collaboration as well as the expansion of our own fleet, has been beneficial.


Our core and team has grown in a very positive way. Another opportunity opened for us to purchase Ohio Golf Car Company. This has also proven to be a successful acquisition. Our ability to be relatable to different management groups, and adjust with the times has made us successful. We want to continue that success and assist with positive growth within the industry.

January 2019

After 30 years of creating an effortless experience for every customer, Mid Florida Golf Cars officially becomes National Carts.

Team Members

Tom Cannon

Tom Cannon

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Cannon

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Tom leads strategy and growth efforts. Tom served in the United States Navy during the First Gulf war, has been instrumental in the launch of several successful companies, held executive-level positions in sales, marketing, management, manufacturing, and distribution. Tom is a graduate of the University of Florida, with a degree in advertising, and a graduate of the University of Central Florida, with a degree in history. Tom is married to Heather Cannon and has three children, Madelyn, Trevor, and Lilly.

Tom serves on the board of Rebuild Globally, Clean the World and is a member of the YPO.

How do you want people to remember you? I want to be remembered as a good husband, father, and leader.

What would be your personal motto? Be Relentless


Tom Bledsoe

Tom Bledsoe

Executive Vice President

Tom Bledsoe

Executive Vice President

As Executive Vice President, Tom has several responsibilities, including preparing operating budgets and maximizing the organization’s operating performance in order to achieve its financial goals. Tom started at Mid Florida Golf Cars in 1991 and after realizing how much he enjoyed the business, Tom started working his way up through the ranks. His positions have included parts manager, service manager, general manager, and president of operations.

Tom and his wife, Georgie, are parents to two sons, Trevor and Brody.

Chad Dunham

Chad Dunham

Vice President - Eastern Region

Chad Dunham

Vice President - Eastern Region

As Vice President, Chad manages client accounts and assists with the overall growth and development of the staff. For 23 years, Chad has been an integral part of his business, helping it grow from the ground up into one of the premier golf car businesses in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region. Upon starting the business in 1994, Chad has been instrumental in developing a retail and wholesale market for selling and servicing new and reconditioned golf cars for non-golf use.

Chad and his wife, CeCe, are parents to three daughters.

Our Brands

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