Restoring Old Golf Cart Returns it to Like-New Condition

A CLASSIC never goes out of style. Sometimes it just needs a facelift. You might think that old golf cart in the shed or under a tarp is destined for the junkyard. But you might be wrong. With the right expertise, you can transform a sad relic into a slick ride that looks like you… Read More

How To Clean Your Golf Cart

  To keep your golf cart in tip top shape, it’s important to clean it regularly. Consider these tips the next time you’re cleaning your cart: First, remove any extra equipment or loose items from the cart that could be damaged by water. Remove floor mats and sweep the floorboard or use a shop vac…. Read More

Charged Up: Proper Battery Maintenance

If you’re driving an electric cart, proper battery care and maintenance is paramount to the performance of your vehicle. Consider these tips to get the most out of your batteries! Charging your batteries. Charge your batteries after each use, preferably for 8-10 hours overnight. Never operate at more than an 80% discharge, meaning, that when… Read More

Rent a Golf Cart to Make Your Next Event Amazing

  Let’s say your sister is getting married in a beautiful garden gazebo that is 100 yards from the parking area. It’s your responsibility to make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. With that in mind, here’s a quick multiple-choice question: How will the bride get from Point A to… Read More

Golf Fun Facts

  For all of our golf enthusiasts, we’ve compiled some fun facts about golf: The longest recorded drive was a whopping 515 yards. The first 18-hole golf course was on a sheep farm. Golf was played on the moon – On February 6, 1967 Alan Bartlett “Al” Shepard, Jr. performed a one-handed swing with a six-iron,… Read More

Buying Guide: Gas vs Electric Carts

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a new or used cart, the next consideration you’ll want to make is whether you want an electric or gas cart. First, consider what you’ll be using your cart for. Strolling through the neighborhood or on the nearest 18 holes? An electric cart is probably sufficient. Off-roading or… Read More

Buying Guide: New vs. Used Carts

Buying a golf cart is a major buying decision that should not be taken lightly. Between new, used, gas, electric, lifted, non-lifted, etc. the process can be a little confusing. The first consideration you’ll want to make is whether to purchase a new or used golf cart. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. New Pros:… Read More

Golf Cart Buying Guide: Stereo Systems

What to look for. What to look out for. There are a lot of ways to upgrade a golf cart and customize it to your needs. After all, the main reason to have one for your personal use is simply to have a comfortable and convenient way to get around your neighborhood. You might as… Read More

Proper Battery Care is an Essential Part of Golf Cart Maintenance

To keep your golf cart running smoothly and minimize costly repairs, it’s important to perform regular preventive maintenance. For electric carts, that includes properly caring for the batteries. A properly maintained, high-quality battery should last four or five years with normal use. If you try to save a few dollars and buy inexpensive batteries, it… Read More

Under Pressure: How to Care for Golf Cart Tires

Tire maintenance is critical for the passenger car or truck you drive every day, and the same thing is true for the tires on your golf cart. The most important thing you can do is maintain proper air pressure in your tires. Properly inflated tires will ensure optimum handling and provide a better ride. Check… Read More

Protecting Your Cart From Theft

Face it… when you purchase a golf cart, especially for residential use, you’re purchasing a luxury item that makes your life more convenient. That makes it an item that a lot of people want, which makes it a potential target for thieves. For many new golf cart owners, it might seem unlikely that someone from… Read More

One Team. National Carts.

We’re excited to announce Mid Florida Golf Cars, Virginia Golf Cars and the Golf Car Company have joined forces to become National Carts. With more than 3,000 golf carts, we now have the largest rental fleet in North America, from Florida to Maine and Ohio. We expanded our resources, adopted innovative technologies, and grew our… Read More