Golf Cart Etiquette on the Course


If you’re new to golfing, understanding the rules can be a bit intimidating. One of the biggest points of confusion for a new golfer can be to simply understand where you can and cannot drive your cart!

Here are some quick tips for proper cart etiquette on the golf course.

  • 90 degree rule – for courses that abide by the 90 degree rule, carefully drive out to your ball on the grass, but only at a 90 degree angle. Do not drive from the tee out to the middle of the fairway to your ball.
  • Cart path only – for courses that prefer cart path only, drive to a point on the designated cart path until you are even with you ball, then walk out to your ball. Consider taking a few clubs with you since you may not be able to see the conditions around the ball from the cart.
  • Stick to the side of the cart path – when you’re stopped at hole, pull your cart over to the side of the cart path to allow other carts to get around you, if needed.
  • Drive, then score – when you finish at a hole, drive on to the next hole before marking your scorecard. This allows players behind you to start on their hole instead of having to wait longer for you.
  • Stay behind other golfers – for your safety, do not drive your cart in front other players. As a courtesy, do not drive forward or back up when a player is addressing their ball.
  • No carts beyond this point – if you see this sign on the fairway as you close in on the green, be sure to abide by this rule and do not drive past this sign on the course. This rule is in effect to protect the integrity of the course.
  • Avoid hazards – don’t drive too close to water, hazards, grassy mounds, or bunkers. This can damage the cart as well as the course.

Remember, use common sense and common courtesy on the greens and enjoy your day at the course!