How To Clean Your Golf Cart


To keep your golf cart in tip top shape, it’s important to clean it regularly. Consider these tips the next time you’re cleaning your cart:

  • First, remove any extra equipment or loose items from the cart that could be damaged by water.
  • Remove floor mats and sweep the floorboard or use a shop vac. Use soap and water to clean the floorboards as needed.
  • For removable seat covers, follow manufacturer’s instructions on washing and drying the covers. For vinyl seats, use a damp cloth with soapy water to clean the seats.
  • Use the same soapy solution to wipe down the steering wheel, dashboard, and any interior plastic parts.
  • When washing the body of the cart, be sure to use a soft sponge as to not scratch the cart’s finish.
  • Clean your cart’s body in sections as to avoid letting soapy water dry.
  • Consider using a spray wax (we recommend Turtle’s Wax and Dry) to make your cart shine.
  • Use microfiber towels to dry your cart.
  • Never use Windex or paper towels to clean your cart’s windshield. Instead, use mild, soapy water and a microfiber towel.
  • For rust or corrosion around your batteries, use a bristle brush and a combination of water with baking soda to clean the tops of your batteries. Be sure to wear eye protection, gloves, and no jewelry.

Using these tips is sure to keep your cart sparkling! For any questions about golf car maintenance, feel free to call one of our service professionals at 800-940-8068.