Mid Florida Golf Cars Announces Merger with Virginia Golf Cars to Establish a Dominant Footprint on the East Coast

Mid Florida Golf Cars & Virginia Golf Cars merge

Together, the Combined Dealerships Will Have a Year-Round Fleet of More Than 2,500 Vehicles

Virginia Golf Cars, a 23-year-old family-owned golf car dealership in Harrisonburg, Virginia, has merged with a Florida-based dealership. The sale to Mid Florida Golf Cars closed on Dec. 5 and created a combined company with the country’s largest rental fleet.

The sale is a merger of talent and assets that allows Mid Florida Golf Cars to expand its footprint along the East Coast. By consolidating two fleets, the company’s Harrisonburg branch will bolster its inventory of rental golf cars during the busy summer months. Vehicles from Florida can be repositioned for northern events from April through September, which is typically the “off season” for events in the Sunshine State. Then from October through March, Harrisonburg-based golf cars will be relocated south so the Florida branches can serve even more customers.

“With this merger, overall utilization of the fleets will increase, so cars aren’t sitting dormant for a large part of the year,” said Tom Cannon, CEO of Mid Florida Golf Cars. “We’re lucky to have a fantastic team of sales, customer service, and technical professionals in Harrisonburg, all of whom are staying with us as we bring the two companies together. Jointly, we will field a fleet of more than 2,500 golf cars for events and business needs from Florida to Maine, and as far west as Ohio.”

Cannon said Chad Dunham, vice president of Virginia Golf Cars, will join the Mid Florida Golf Cars executive team and continue to manage operations in Harrisonburg. Chad and his parents, Ron and Jeanie, founded Virginia Golf Cars in 1994.

“I don’t think you could draw up a better scenario for two companies to merge,” Chad Dunham said. “Mid Florida Golf Cars brings so many benefits to our operation with their technology, processes, and industry relationships. Joining forces positions us for tremendous growth because our rental fleet is traditionally tapped out during the summer. I’m excited about the new opportunities and what they mean for our employees.”

Mid Florida Golf Cars got its start in 1988 when Darron and Bobby Sanders bought 10 used cars from a buddy. They sold those first 10 vehicles in a week, and then bought 10 more. It didn’t take long for the Sanders brothers to realize they were onto something good. They struck a deal with the regional manager for a major golf car manufacturer; rented some warehouse space – and they were in business.

After nearly 30 years of growth at retail locations throughout Florida, the company is expanding outside the state as part of Cannon’s business strategy, which centers on efficiencies and economies of scale. The founders say Cannon’s plan is the ideal solution for challenges faced by both organizations in what is historically a seasonal business.

“We’ve been looking at new business opportunities for years,” Bobby Sanders said. “But finding the right deal and executing the vision isn’t always easy. This deal with Virginia Golf Cars aligns perfectly with our goals. It’s rewarding to see the plan come together as we take this thing to the next level.”

But even though large-scale growth is impressive to the outside world, the Sanders brothers are most proud of the fact that their reputation is second to none.

“We built this business the old-fashioned way,” Darron Sanders said. “We did it by sticking with our core values of taking care of the customer, providing courteous service, and hiring team members who look and act professional. Business trends come and go, but those values never go out of style. No matter how much we grow, they will always be part of Mid Florida Golf Cars.”

About Mid Florida Golf Cars: Mid Florida Golf Cars (MFGC) is one of the oldest and largest golf car dealers and rental fleet providers in the United States. Family-owned since 1988, the company is based in Orlando, Florida, and has branches in Tampa, Jacksonville, and DeLand, Florida, and a branch in Harrisonburg, Virginia, which operates as Virginia Golf Cars. MFGC provides golf car sales and rentals to individuals, Fortune 100 companies, and all types of customers in between. It is an authorized dealer for EZ-GO, Club Car, Yamaha, Cushman, and Carryall.