Pre-Hurricane Cart Prep

While the southeastern United States prepares for the impending Hurricane Dorian, we wanted to take a moment to discuss how to prepare your golf cart for a hurricane.

Please consider these suggestions in the event of a large storm or hurricane.

  • Check the water level in your batteries and make sure your cart is fully charged.
  • For gas carts, fill up your tank and consider keeping a back-up tank.
  • In addition, check your oil if you have a gas cart.
  • Ensure your cart is cleaned out.
  • Check the air pressure in all of your tires.
  • Take before pictures of your cart in case you need it for insurance purposes.
  • Consider taking pictures of any purchase documents, insurance etc. that you may need after the storm.
  • Park in a garage, if possible. Otherwise, park close to a building for partial protection. Never park under a tree.

Remember, your golf cart can be a great way to get around after the storm in the event of fallen debris on the roadways, but please exercise caution and safety.

To all of our friends in potentially affected areas, we wish you safety during this storm.