Hurricane Season Golf Cart Prep Checklist

Photo of a person Prepping your golf cart for a hurricane

As Hurricane Season peaks in Florida, it is important to be prepared and ensure the safety of your golf cart.

Here are some helpful suggestions to consider in the event of a large storm or hurricane:

  • Battery Care– Check the water level in your batteries and ensure your cart is fully charged. This will help your cart be ready for use during and after the storm.
  • Gas Golf Carts– For gas-powered carts, fill up your tank and consider keeping a backup tank handy. Additionally, check the oil levels in your gas cart for optimal performance.
  • Clean Your Cart– Prior to the storm, make sure your cart is cleaned out, removing any loose items that could become projectiles during high winds.
  • Tire Maintenance– Check the air pressure in all your tires and ensure they are properly inflated. This will enhance your cart’s stability and performance.
  • Document Important Information– Take pictures of your cart, as well as any relevant documents like purchase receipts and insurance information. These can be useful for insurance purposes if any damage occurs.
  • Safe Parking– If possible, park your cart in a garage for maximum protection. If a garage is unavailable, park close to a building to provide partial shelter. Never park your cart under a tree, as falling branches can cause severe damage.
  • Caution and Safety– While your golf cart can be a helpful means of transportation after a storm, exercise caution and prioritize safety. Be mindful of fallen debris on roadways and practice safe driving habits.

To all our friends in potentially affected areas, we send our best wishes for your safety during hurricane season. Stay vigilant and follow local authorities’ guidelines to ensure the well-being of yourself and your community.