Preventing Golf Cart Theft

With the growing popularity and accessibility of golf carts, it is important now more than ever to protect your cart against theft. Did you know tens of thousands of golf carts are stolen each year? Check out these tips to prevent that from happening to you.

  1. SECURELY STORE YOUR CART. Whenever possible, store your cart in a locked garage or shed. Not only will this help maintain your cart by keeping it out of the elements, but it will also prevent theft. If you cannot store your cart indoors, at least put a golf cart cover over top of it.
  2. INSTALL A UNIQUE KEY. Golf carts come from each manufacturer with a universal key which means that your EZ-GO key will not only work on your cart, but on your buddy’s cart too. This makes them incredibly easy to run off with. Consider changing the factory key cylinder switch and installing a unique key instead.
  3. HIDDEN KILL SWITCH. A hidden kill switch can be used to disable your cart to prevent theft. When the kill switch is engaged, the cart won’t start, even if they’re trying to hot wire it. Additionally, there are many hidden locations on a cart that the switch can be installed.
  4. LOCKING MECHANISM. Adding a steering wheel lock or pedal lock can deter thieves simply because of the additional time and effort it would take to try to steal the cart. Plus, without being able to steer or accelerate, it would be very difficult to take the cart.
  5. INSTALL A GPS. Anti-theft mechanisms are not foolproof and carts can still be stolen despite your best preparation efforts. Consider installing a GPS on your cart so that if it is stolen, local law enforcement officials can quickly track your cart down.

If you have any questions about golf cart theft or are ready to implement some of these suggestions, contact our service professionals at 800-940-8068.