Restoring Old Golf Cart Returns it to Like-New Condition

A CLASSIC never goes out of style. Sometimes it just needs a facelift.

You might think that old golf cart in the shed or under a tarp is destined for the junkyard. But you might be wrong. With the right expertise, you can transform a sad relic into a slick ride that looks like you drove it out of the showroom.

That’s what our team did with the 1999 Yamaha G-16 you see here. Getting a fantastic looking golf car doesn’t have to mean dropping big bucks on a new model. People restore vintage cars, boats, and airplanes all the time. As you see here, we can do the same thing with old golf cars that have seen better days.

This one came to us looking pretty rough. No way would you want to cruise around your neighborhood in this beat up old thing. The same applies if you’re running a business. You want your employees in a vehicle that will make a good impression on customers.

Our service technicians did a bumper-to-bumper restoration on this Yamaha. Here is the complete rundown:

  • Custom Synergy lime green paint
  • Custom hand-stitched seat wraps to match the body paint
  • Custom alloy rims with low-profile tires
  • New clear fold-down windshield
  • Reconditioned all exterior black body panel pieces
  • Reconditioned the back seat (sand and paint)
  • Reconditioned the battery compartment (sand and paint) with new hold-down rods and restrainers.
  • Repaired the brake pedal torsion spring and rod to fix a sticking pedal
  • Installed a new key switch for extra security

We can do the same thing on your car if it’s getting up there in years. We will restore the body, upholstery, and accessories. Those updates are easy to see. Beneath the surface, we renew all mechanical systems and ensure they are reliable and safe.

Contact us at 800-940-8068 for more information about how we can restore your old golf car.