Routine Golf Cart Maintenence


Performing routine maintenance to your cart is paramount to the performance and life of your cart. It will prevent downtime and help avoid expensive repairs. Below are some general maintenance items to be done on a regular basis.

  • For electric carts, check the water level in your batteries monthly. For detailed information on proper battery care, check out our post here.
  • Clean the terminals of your batteries to prevent corrosion, and check the tightness of the terminals monthly.
  • For gas carts, check your oil levels monthly.
  • Check your tire pressure monthly, following the PSI guidelines outlines in your owner’s manual.
  • Inspect your brakes and rear differential every six months. Brakes should be cleaned and pads, drums, cables, and pedal adjusted.
  • Check your reverse buzzer for proper operation every six months.
  • Keep your cart clean. Wash it regularly to prevent premature wear and tear or rust.

At National Carts, we always recommend an annual service on your cart as well. Call one of our service professionals at 800-940-8068 to get yours scheduled today.