Take to the road: making your cart street legal

One of the questions that we get a lot here at National Carts is, “How can I make my cart street legal?” Here’s a quick checklist of things you’ll need to take into consideration when turning your cart into an LSV (low-speed vehicle).

Please keep in mind that low-speed vehicles are restricted to roads that are 25 mph or less.

Your cart will require several accessories to make it street legal. These include:

  • Headlights
  • Tail lights
  • Brake lights
  • Horn
  • Turn Signal
  • Seat belts
  • Slow-moving vehicle sign
  • Mirrors – some local municipalities require rear view mirrors, while others require side mirrors, and some require both, so be sure to check your local ordinances.
  • Windshield – much like mirrors, the requirements for a windshield vary. Some municipalities require a DOT windshield and others do not.

Once your cart has the aforementioned upgrades, you’re not quite ready to take to the streets yet. Be sure to check your local laws as you may also be required to register and weigh your cart, and get insurance on it.

For more information about making your cart street legal, be sure to call one of our service professionals to answer your questions at (800) 940-8068.