Golf carts aren’t just for the golf course! Wedding golf cart rentals are a popular form of wedding transportation here in Central Florida. Whitney from National Carts shares why adding golf carts to your wedding can help the wedding flow in so many ways.

It’s your wedding day. It’s the happiest day of your life and you’ve planned for absolutely everything.

You have gone over your seating chart for the millionth time and warned your day-of coordinator about your sassy Aunt Karla who gets a little “loud” when she’s had one too many drinks.

You sent your timeline to your bridesmaids and gave Stacey an altered copy that says she has to be at the hotel a whole hour earlier than she needs to be because Stacey is always the last to arrive — and ALWAYS arrives late.

But what you didn’t plan for is the how long the walk would be from the parking lot to the wedding space and how Grandpa’s trick knee is about to pull a fast one on him.

More than ever, couples are choosing creative outdoor spaces for their wedding venues. In a 2017 article for The Knot Pro, Anja Winnika explains that the percentage of brides that require a “scenic backdrop/locale had gone up from 44% to 48%.” She goes on to say that another priority of brides was an indoor/outdoor venue space.

Winnika writes, “Stylistically, semi-casual weddings are still growing in popularity and especially black-tie weddings are down.”

These creative indoor/outdoor spaces sometimes need creative transportation solutions.

Below are five fun and useful ways to incorporate golf carts into your wedding.

1. Transportation to and from a wedding space.

Scenic outdoor wedding spaces, such as barns or museum landscapes, add a beautiful backdrop to any ceremony. Although ideal for photos, these spaces can sometimes lead to long walks to and from the ceremony space for the happy couple, the bridal party, and your wedding guests. Save your guests’ dancing feet by incorporating a golf cart into your logistical plan.

2. Rain, rain go away…

… unless it’s summer in Florida, then it’s here to stay.

As WESH 2 News explains, “the wet season in Central Florida lasts an average of five months. It generally begins in late May and runs through mid-October. 61% of our total annual rainfall is received during these five months.”

Depending on the distance from the parking lot to your event space, you could be setting your guests up for a soggy, soppy celebration during these summer months.

National Carts’ six-passenger golf carts come equipped with both windshields and roofs, keeping your guests dry when used to shuttle them to and from their car.

3. Get your furry friends down the aisle.

We’ve all been to that wedding where the bride and groom have enlisted their four-legged friends as the ring bearer and flower girl. We’ve also been to that same wedding where said ring bearer has no intention on delivering the ring and instead starts to wrap its leash around the wedding guests’ chairs, taking all the attention away from the bride and groom.

Get pets safely (and securely) down the aisle in the bed of one of our 3×3 box carts. This will ensure that you still get to incorporate your fur-babies into your special day, while also keeping the focus on you and your partner.

4. DIY brides, have no fear.

Your set-up assistant is here! From the centerpieces and decorations to the wedding favors, a DIY bride can spend countless hours creating memorable items for her wedding day that need to be transported to the wedding venue.

Don’t spend a moment longer than necessary unpacking and hauling supplies by foot to the ceremony and reception space. Our box carts and four-passenger golf carts with flip seats make set-up a breeze by giving you the ability to drive your supplies wherever they need to go.

5. No more “pee-mergencies” for the family farm and barn weddings.

With the average wedding having 127 people in attendance, you are sure to have to include extra outdoor restrooms into your wedding “decor” while hosting at your family farm or barn.

Keep the additional restrooms safely out of sight by offering a restroom shuttle to your guests. Doing this allows your guests to still access your restrooms quickly while keeping them out of the focus of your photographer’s lens.

Photography by LAF Photography

Wedding Venue Orlando Science Center


Let’s say your sister is getting married in a beautiful garden gazebo that is 100 yards from the parking area. It’s your responsibility to make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. With that in mind, here’s a quick multiple-choice question:

How will the bride get from Point A to Point B without damaging her dress or breaking a sweat?

A) Ride a skateboard
B) Hitch a ride on a lawn tractor with the groundskeeper
C) Walk with Nanna
D) Cruise comfortably in a rented golf cart

There’s a good chance A and B could go viral on YouTube and help you get a guest spot on late-night TV. But D is the way to go. Besides, Nanna might cut you out of the will if you make her walk all that way on a hot day. So be sure to give her a ride, too.

Whether you need a few golf carts for transporting guests and supplies at a wedding or hundreds of carts for a major event, National Carts can meet your needs. We have more than 3,000 vehicles in our Special Events and Rental department, which gives us one of the largest golf cart fleets in the country. Options include four-, six-, and eight-passenger carts, as well as utility/cargo carts. There is no event too small or too large for us.

We have deployed over a thousand golf carts at a single event. With our fully staffed mobile command unit, distribution management system, and on-site repair center, we maximize up-time to ensure the ultimate event experience for your attendees and staff.

Here are a few of the events that can be even better when you take advantage of our golf cart rental program:

  • Race weekends
  • Music festivals
  • Sports tournaments
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Corporate meetings and retreats
  • Fairs and carnivals
  • Family reunions

Our event specialists have experience in all facets of rental planning. They can help you select the right type of golf cart, the correct quantity, how long you need the carts on site, and whether or not you need our staffing services.

Not only do we provide golf carts for small and large events, but National Carts even rents to individuals. If you would like to rent a golf cart for Halloween, for a community event, or just to drive around the neighborhood while enjoying a long holiday weekend, then we have a solution for you.

For more information, contact us at (800) 940-8068.

And then your next call should be to Nanna. She would love to hear from you!